Collection: Baeah’s Books About Feelings

Discover 'Baeah's Books About Feelings,' a touching collection of four enchanting tales that invite young readers to explore the spectrum of emotions. In 'When Baeah Feels Mad' sees them navigating anger's challenges. 'When Baeah Feels Scared,' her wise grandmother guides her through fear. Baeah Feels Sad' tenderly addresses moments of sorrow, while 'When Baeah Feels Happy' celebrates the beauty of joy.

Through their shared adventures and grandmotherly wisdom, Baeah and her grandmother inspire children to embrace their emotions, find resilience, and nurture kindness. This essential collection is a heartfelt resource for parents, caregivers, and educators, dedicated to guiding children through the rich tapestry of their feelings.

Baeah’s Books About Feelings Series

  • When BAEAH Gets Mad
  • When BAEAH Gets Sad
  • When BAEAH Gets Happy
  • When BAEAH Gets Scared