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When Baeah Feels Scared

When Baeah Feels Scared

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Experience the warmth of 'When Baeah Feels Scared' as Baeah's grandmother helps her conquer fear in this heartwarming children's adventure. With laughter, playfulness, and an appreciation for life's simple joys, they embark on a journey to find courage within. Through charming anecdotes and valuable insights, Baeah and her grandmother inspire young readers to embrace bravery, kindness, and happiness. A must-read for parents, caregivers, and educators seeking to guide children through their fears with the wisdom of a loving grandmother."

This book is the third of four books in the Baeah's Feelings series.

Baeah Feelings Series

  • When BAEAH Feels Mad
  • When BAEAH Feels Sad
  • When BAEAH Feels Scared
  • When BAEAH Feels Happy
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