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When Baeah Feels Sad

When Baeah Feels Sad

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Enter the world of 'When Baeah Feels Sad,' a heartfelt children's story where Baeah's grandmother offers her gentle guidance during moments of sorrow. Through shared experiences and grandmotherly wisdom, they navigate the intricate landscape of sadness, helping young readers understand, cope, and ultimately find hope within their emotions. This touching narrative inspires children to embrace their feelings, seek comfort, and discover the resilience needed to overcome sadness. A must-read for parents, caregivers, and educators committed to nurturing emotional well-being in children."Baeah Feelings Series

  • When BAEAH Feels Mad
  • When BAEAH Feels Sad
  • When BAEAH Feels Scared
  • When BAEAH Feels Happy
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